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Notification of paper acceptance


Dear Corresponding Author,

On behalf of the Members of the Executive Board of the 8th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD8), it is our pleasure to notify you that your abstract has been accepted for presentation at the ICCFD8.

The accepted papers will be listed on the following part, and you will receive furthermore information from us.  Meanwhile, please check the ICCFD8 website frequently for additional information such as registration, hotel details etc.

Best Regards,

Hanxin Zhang

ICCFD8 Conference Co-chairs


For more details about the paper acceptance ,you can download the file:paper_acceptance.xls

you can also see the table:

Serial Number Primary Author Title Country
1 Jean-Jacques chattot Actuator Disk theory-Steady and Unsteady Models USA
9 Nansheng Liu Direct numerical simulation of elastically induced turbulent like Taylor-Couette flows in a dilute polymeric solution China
16 Li Guoliang Steady and Unsteady Cavitation Flow around Hydrofoil China
17 Oren Peles Development of a steady/unsteady coupled heat transfer solver based on RK/Implicit smoother Israel
18 Yi Lu Adaptive, high order Large Eddy Simulations for large-scale, real geometry problems UK
19 D.V. Kotov A Subcell Resolution Method for LES Filtering Procedures of Flows with Discontinuities USA
20 D.V. Kotov On High Order Positivity-Preserving Schemes & Their Nonlinear Filter Counterparts USA
25 Qionglin Ni A Numerical Investigation on Active and Passive Scalars in Compressible Isotropic Turbulence China
26 Bin Xie A multi-moment finite volume method for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on unstructured grids Japan
31 LI Li A Hierarchical Model for CFD Validation of Transporter Aircraft China
35 ZHOU Lei Parallel Algorithm for Wall Distance Computation China
39 Yibin Wang Fast mesh deformation based on Delaunay graph and radial basis function  China
45 Markus Peer Rumpfkeil Using Steady Flow Analysis for Noise Prediction USA
54 Lihao Zhao On Two-Way Coupled Simulations of Particle-Laden Channel Flow  Norway
62 Yu Lv A General Multi-dimensional Limiter for Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme based on Entropy Principle USA
63 Yu Lv Capturing the Detonation Dynamics in Abruptly Changing Geometries using the High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method USA
67 Jin Seok Park Comparative Study of Shock-Capturing Methods for High-Order CPR: MLP and Artificial Viscosity Korea
68 Jin Seok Park Higher-order Multi-dimensional Limiting Process for DG and CPR on Tetrahedral Meshes Korea
69 Hyeongjun Kim Computations of Cryogenic Cavitating Flows around Turbopump Inducer  Korea
70 Shi Ketian Aero-optical effects in temporal developing mixing layer China
73 Benjamin Jastrow Near Wall Modeling in an Immersed Boundary Method Germany
74 Xiaotian Shi Numerical Simulation of Large Scale Structures and Compressibility Effect in Supersonic Mixing Layers With a Discontinuous Galerkin Method China
79 Meilin Yu Shock Capturing for the Correction Procedure via Reconstruction Method Using Artificial Viscosity and Diffusivity USA
82 Huayong Liu A shock-capturing methodology based on high order compact interpolation China
84 D. C. Lo Combined Immersed Boundary Finite-Element Methods for Complex Flow Simulations China(Taiwan)
85 Zhang Jingxin A Detached Eddy Simulation model for free surface flows  China
89 Takashi FURUSAWA Numerical Method for Simulating Supercritical-fluid Flows in and over Arbitrary Geometry Japan
90 Junlin Wu Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flows Based on Gas Kinetic Unified Algorithm China
92 C.H. Bruneau Control of drag by dilute polymers in solution  France
93 Marc R.J. Charest A High-Order Accurate Unstructured Finite-Volume Algorithm for Turbulent Flames USA
95 J. Wu Investigation of Ground Effect on Dynamic Performance of a Flapping Wing China
96 Lei Shi Adjoint Based Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for the CPR Method USA
97 Fang-Bao Tian Aerodynamic characteristics of hoverflies during hovering flight Australia
98 Fang-Bao Tian A FEM method for non-Newtonian flow with moving boundaries and its application in fish swimming Australia
102 Xueli Li A Family of High Order Meshless Methods for Solving 2D Inviscid Compressible Flows China
105 Shang Qing Numerical Simulation of Transition Effects in Hypersonic Flow around a Double Wedge Using a Correlation-Based Intermittency Model China
106 Xinyu Jiang Study on Supersonic Flow Covering Various Flow Regimes Past Bicone Using Gas-kinetic Unified Algorithm China
107 Qian Wang A compact/implicit reconstruction procedure for  high-order finite volume method on u nstructured grids China
115 LYU Jun-ming Impact of specific heat ratio on aerodynamic characteristics of Viking in hypersonic entry to Mars China
116 Xiaodong Cai Three-dimensional simulation of detonation initiation and propagation in supersonic combustible mixtures China
117 Jiali WU CFD Predictions of Abrupt Wing Stall at Transition Speeds China
120 Sun Junfeng A Universal Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Platform for Aircraft- DIPasda China
127 Li Peng Download Control of the Tilt-rotor Aircraft in Hover China
128 Hao Teng Direct numerical simulation of Taylor-Couette flow with radial heating China
130 Jian Yu Lin Numerical study of shock-induced collapse of a gas bubble attached to rigid wall China
133 Kai Liu High-order space-time flux reconstruction method for viscous flows on deformable mesh Fluid Dynamics China
136 Junwu Tian Comparison Study on Performance of Gas-water and Gas-gas Interfaces under Shock Impact China
137 Song-Bai Yao Spontaneous Formation of Multiple Detonation Wave Fronts in Rotating Detonation Engine  China
139 Dan Wu Numerical Investigation on the Restabilization of Rotating Detonation Engines China
140 Shu-ning Xia Nonlinear evolution of non-Boussinesq thermal convection in two- and three-dimensional differentially heated cavity China
142 Wang Chao Analysis on Hypersonic Unsteady Aerodynamics and Dynamic Performance of an Lifting Body Hypersonic Vehicle China
145 Lan Xie Manipulation of Reynolds Stress for Pulsed Jets Flow Control Device over A NACA0015 Airfoil China
150 Hongbo Wang Large Eddy Simulation of a Hydrogen-Fueled Scramjet Combustor with Dual Cavity China
153 Siddharth Thakur Advanced Compressible Solver for Variable-Pressure Combustion Flamelet Models USA
160 Avinaash Murali A Novel Approach for Solving Navier-Stokes Equations on Complex Geometries USA
161 Zhao Guo-qing Active Flow Contol of Flow Separation over Rotor Balde via Synthetic Jet  China
162 Yongsheng Lian Multiphase Flow Simulation Using the Moment of Fluid Method USA
163 C. Béghein Numerical simulation of particle dispersion using POD based dynamical systems France
164 DENG Xiao Bing Dynamic Adaptive Upwind Method and it’s Applications in RANS/LES Hybrid Simulations China
166 R. Abgrall Residual schemes applied to an embedded method expressed on unstructured adapted grids Switzerland
177 Yann Moguen Inertia terms for all Mach number Godunov-type schemes:Behavior of unsteady solutions at low Mach number France
178 Zhijun Liu A Simplified CFD Model for Steady Transitional Flow in Narrow U-shaped Channels USA
180 G. Deng Evaluation of Propeller Inflow Improving Device with Adaptive Grid Refinement Computation France
185 Yuan-Qing Xu A 3-D fast algorithm for simulating haemocyte hydrodynamics based on immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method China
192 Xinliang Li Optimized MP scheme with adaptive dissipation and DNS of Supersonic Turbulent Flows in DLR Scramjet Intake  China
197 Kyohei TAJIRI Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow Using Seamless Immersed Boundary Method Japan
198 Alain Lerat Shock Capturing Analysis of High-Order Schemes through Analytical Solution of the Discrete Schemes and their Equivalent Differential Equations France
199 Oana Alexandra Ciobanu Adaptive time stepping and Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Method for Compressible Navier–Stokes Equations France
200 Chloé Mimeau Application of a Vortex Penalization Method in Solid-Porous-Fluid Media to Passive Flow Control France
202 Qiang Chen Numerical study of energy transport in expanding lighting return stroke channel China
203 Zhoujie Lyu Wing Design via Adjoint-based RANS Aerodynamic Shape Optimization USA
211 Alexander Kuzmin Transonic Flow over Wings Admitting Multiple Supersonic Regions  Russia
212 Anning CHEN Numerical Study of Nearfield Acoustic and Hydrodynamic Pressure Fluctuation   Japan
214 He Xin Validation of the Structured-Unstructured Hybrid CFD Software HyperFLOW China
215 Oisin Tong High-Order Methods for Turbulence Using Strand Grids USA
216 LIU Fujun Derivative Artificial Compression Method of Euler Equations  China
223 Zheng Gang Numerical Simulation of Impinging-Jets Atomization Based on the Coupled Level-Set/Volume-of-Fluid Method China
226 Sinan Eyi Convergence Acceleration via Convergence Error Estimation Turkey
227 C. Shu Lattice Boltzmann Flux Solver: An Efficient Approach for Simulation of Incompressible Flows Singapore
228 L. M. Yang A Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Flux Solver for Simulation of 3D Compressible Viscous Flows China
229 Liu Fan Coupled Multibody-Aerodynamic Simulation of An Aerial Refueling Hose-Drogue with Receiver Aircraft Approaching China
232 Kai Zhou The Application of Lattice Boltzmann Method in Vortex-duced Motion of Cylinder in Cross Flow China
236 Olivier Botella Entry flow computations of shear-thinning and viscoelastic liquids with the LS-STAG immersed boundary method France
243 JIANG Dingwu Conservative Unified Gas Kinetic Scheme Based on the Integral Solution of Partial Difference Equations China
247 Xiao Lianghua Improved-Delayed-Detached-Eddy Simulation of CavityInduced Transition in Hypersonic Boundary Layer China
249 Kaihua Ding Acceleration Techniques for Adjoint-Based Error Estimation and Mesh Adaptation USA
250 Ching-Yao Chen  A diffuse-interface approach on fingering controls of radial Hele-Shaw flows China(Taiwan)
251 Ke Xi Coupled CFD/RBD Modeling for the Basic Finner Projectile with Control China
255 Li-Jun Xuan A numerical study of the performance of the discontinuous Galerkin method based on different gas-kinetic fluxes USA
256 Qilong Guo Numerical studies on the sound radiation by the shocklets in the two-dimensional mixing layer  China
257 Qin Li Numerical investigations on the sound generation of the transition of the three-dimensional mixing layer China
258 Jian YU Numerical Simulation of Complex Flows using the Portable Extensible Toolkits for Scientific Computing(PETSc) China
268 Hong Luo A Reconstructed Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based on a Gas Kinetic Scheme for Compressible Flows on Arbitrary Grids   USA 
272 Michael Mößne Flow Simulations over Porous Media – Comparisons with Experiments Germany
273 Rui Chen An Immersed Boundary VOF/LS Method for Body - Water Surface Interaction Simulations China
284 Xin Zhiqiang Vorticity dynamics of self-propelled locomotion of three dimensional travelling wave China
286 Xu Lincheng An Uncertainty Analysis Method for Wind Tunnel Experiment Of Airfoil Using AD China
289 Chen Lili Dynamic aerodynamic-structural coupling research of flexible micro flapping wing China
291 Xianxu Yuan Aerodynamics Design and Model for hypersonic Axisymmetric Airbreathing Vehicle China
292 Y. F. Xie Study of Numerical Methods About the Unsteady Impinging Process of Stream and Induced Dynamic Load China
293 Wang Wenzheng Applications of the Data-Excavating Method in  Flight Testing Data Analysis China
294 SHEN Yan-ming Numerical simulation of Three-dimensional Free Surface Flows by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics China
296 Neil D.Sandham Surface-sampled simulations of turbulent flow at high Reynolds number UK
301 A. Chatterjee Multivel higher-order method for simulation of linear wave propagation India
308 ZHU Linlin On the self-propelled flying of a three-dimensional bird with flapping wings China
309 Lei Li Modeling and Numerical Simulation on the Formation Process
of Pollution Cloud in Chemical Engineering Accident
329 Chang Xinghua Fully-Implicit Approach for Flow/Kinetic Coupled Problems Based on Dynamic Hybrid Mesh China
335 Cedric Content On the use of Residual-Based Compact high-order numerical dissipation for Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation France
339 Sanal Parameswaran High resolution schemes for level-set method India
340  Yuki Nagata A high-order upwind method for gas-particle flow toward the analysis of acoustic waves from a rocket plume including solid particle   Japan
343 BAI Wen Summary of China High Credible Aeronautical CFD Workshop China
344 M. Bergmann Drag and drop simulation: from images to full 3D simulations  France
345 Yang XiaoLiang Numerical Simulation and Mechanism Analysis of a Slender Delta Wing Undergoing Combined Free-roll and Free-sideslip Motion China
348 Xiaowen Wang A new effect of porous coatings on the stability of hypersonic boundary layers USA
350  Chengxiang Zhu  Analysis on the surface behavior of inelastic non-Newtonian liquid jets with different inflow turbulence intensities  Germany
351 Yoshiaki Abe A dealiasing process for freestream preservation in a high-order conservative FR scheme Japan
354 Koji Morinishi Progress of Virtual Flux Method for Flow Problems in Engineering and Bioengineering Fields  Japan
355 CHEN Jian-qiang Numerical Simulation of the unsteady interaction between lateral jets and rudder movement China
360 J.C. Mandal A genuinely two-dimensional convective-pressure splitting scheme for Euler equations India
364 LI Liangjuan Influence of ground boundary conditions on numerical simulations of high-speed train aerodynamic performance China
371 Y. Cheny Towards a fully 3D version of the LS-STAG immersed boundary/cut-cell method  France
376 Rui Zhao Numerical Investigation of the Airwake on a Simple Frigate Shape (SFS) China
382 David A. Brown A New Monolithic Homotopy Continuation Algorithm with CFD Applications (Abstract) Canada
383 Lisl Weynans A sharp cartesian method for the simulation of air-water interface France
384 A. Peters A New Approach for a Cavitation Erosion Model on Hydrofoils Germany
388 João Miguelda Roha Pinto Wall-based Feedba Laminar Boundary Layer Subjek Control of an Compressible Laminar Boundary Layer Subjetedto Free-stream Vortial Disturbanes UK
389 Shuangling Dong An Effective Numerical Simualtion Method with Improved Turbulence Model China
392 Gregor Gilka Reduced Order Model as spatial surrogate in Flow Control Germany
393 Alexia deBrauer Eulerian Scheme for 3D multimaterials France
394 Woojin Kim Effects of Pannus Formation on the Flow around a Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve  Korea 
396 Bo Wang Detection of Lagrangian coherentstructures in the supersonic turbulent boundary layer China
398 William E. Tavernetti Simulations of Transonic Flows with Friction and Heat Addition  USA
406 Antonio Filippone Aerodynamic Control via Jet/Inverted Spoilers:A CFD Analysis UK
408 Chao Tang Numerical study of an inverted flag in a uniform flow China
410 D.Ammour LES and URANS Modelling of Turbulent Natural Convetion Flow Insidea Horizontal Cylindrial Penetration Enlosure UK
413 Boone R. Tensuda Numerical Solution of a Maximum-Entropy-Based 14-Moment Closure for Multi-Dimensional Flows Canada
417 James McDonald A Robust and Efficient Unified Model for Continuum and Transition-Regime Flow Prediction  Canada
418 Juan-mian Lei Vertical and Horizontal Coupling Effect Analysis of Wrap-Around Fins China
421 Tao Wang Instabilities and Nonlinear Transition of High-speed Shear Flow in Shallow Waters Canada
424 Marco D. de Tullio Transport dynamics of vesicles in shear flow Italy
427 A. Rüstem ASLAN Numerical Modelling and Prediction of the effect of Cooling Drag on the total Vehicle Drag Turkey
428 Kensuke Suzuki Hybrid Navier-Stokes/Vortex Panel Method Applied to Aircrafts China
429 E. Oner An Adaptive Viscoelastic Flow Solver with Template Based Mesh Refinement Turkey
431 NKS Rajan Numerical investigation of the performance of a calandria based reactor under varied orientations of injection India
433 Christian Deimel Numerical 3D simulation of the fluid-actuated valvemotion in a positive displacement pump with resolution of the cavitation-induced shock dynamics Germany
434 Juan Cheng High order positivity-preserving Lagrangian schemes for multi-material compressible fluid flow China
439 Zhang Jiang Response surface methodology based optimization on the combination of spike and forward-facing jet China
442 Takahiro Yasduda A study on efficient simulation for incomplessible 3-dimensional turbulence flow using lattice Boltzmann model Japan
443 J. Y. Yang Rarefied Gas Flow Computation Using Semiclassical Boltzmann-ES-BGK Equation China(Taiwan)
444 Liang Pan A high-order moving-mesh gas-kinetic scheme for three-dimensional flows China(HK)
445 Stefan Buhl Analysis of different LES models to capture cycle-to-cycle variations in engines Germany
451 Kazem Hejranfar A High-Order Compact Finite-Difference Lattice Boltzmann Method in Generalized Curvilinear Coordinates Extension to 3-D Iran
454 Jun Luo A compact high-order multidimensional gas-kinetic scheme for inviscid and viscous flow simulations China(HK)
457 A. Skillen An improved normalisation factor for synthetic turbulence generation UK
460 Tzung-Tza Shen High-resolution Implicit Roe’s Scheme for Fast Computation of Catheter-intervened One-dimensional Vascular Flows China(Taiwan)