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ICCFD8 Proceedings

ICCFD8-2014-0001 Some Recent Progress of High-Order Methods on Structured and Unstructured Grids in CARDC abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0002 Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulations of Blunt Body Flows abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0003 Engineering applications of fully-resolved LES: present status and future perspectives abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0004 Sweeping Methods for Nonlinear Conservation Laws abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0005 Symmetric conservative metric method: a link between high order finite-difference and finite-volume schemes for flow computations around complex geometries abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0006 Actuator Disk Theory - Steady and Unsteady Models abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0008 On a three-field coupling model for ablating patient-specific liver tumor by ultrasound abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0009 Direct numerical simulation of elastically induced turbulent-like Taylor-Couette flows in adilute polymeric solution abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0016 Steady and Unsteady Cavitation Flow around Hydrofoil abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0017 Development of a steady/unsteady coupled heat transfer solver based on RK/Implicit smoother abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0018 Adaptive, high order Large Eddy Simulations for large-scale, real geometry problems abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0019 High Order Numerical Methods for LES of Turbulent Flows with Shocks abstract  paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0020 Comparative Study of High-Order Positivity-Preserving WENO Schemes abstract  paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0026 A multi-moment finite volume method for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on unstructured grids abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0031 A Hierarchical Model for CFD Validation of Transporter Aircraft abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0035 Parallel Algorithm for Wall Distance Computation abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0039 Fast mesh deformation based on Delaunay graph and radial basis function abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0045 Using Steady Flow Analysis for Noise Prediction abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0054 On Two-Way Coupled Simulations of Particle-Laden Channel Flow  abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0062 A General Multi-dimensional Limiter for Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme based on Entropy Principle abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0063 Capturing the Detonation Dynamics in Abruptly Changing Geometries using the High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0067 Comparative Study of Shock-Capturing Methods for High-Order CPR: MLP and Artificial Viscosity abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0068 Higher-order Multi-dimensional Limiting Process for DG and CPR on Tetrahedral Meshes abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0069 Computations of Cryogenic Cavitating Flows around Turbopump Inducer  abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0070 Aero-optical effects in temporal developing mixing layer abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0073 Near Wall Modeling in an Immersed Boundary Method abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0074 Numerical Simulation of Large Scale Structures and Compressibility Effect in Supersonic Mixing Layers With a Discontinuous Galerkin Method abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0079 Shock Capturing for the Correction Procedure via Reconstruction Method Using Artificial Viscosity and Diffusivity abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0082 A shock-capturing methodology based on high order compact interpolation abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0084 Combined Immersed Boundary Finite-Element Methods for Complex Flow Simulations abstract paper   
ICCFD8-2014-0085 A Detached Eddy Simulation model for free surface flows  abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0089 Numerical Method for Simulating Supercritical-fluid Flows in and over Arbitrary Geometry abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0090 Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flows Based on Gas Kinetic Unified Algorithm abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0092 Control of drag by dilute polymers in solution abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0093 A High-Order Accurate Unstructured Finite-Volume Algorithm for Turbulent Flames abstract paper   
ICCFD8-2014-0095 Investigation of Ground Effect on Dynamic Performance of a Flapping Wing abstract   ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0096 Adjoint Based Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for the CPR Method abstract paper   
ICCFD8-2014-0097 Aerodynamic characteristics of hoverflies during hovering flight abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0098 A FEM method for non-Newtonian flow with moving boundaries and its application in fish swimming abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0102 A Family of High Order Meshless Methods for Solving 2D Inviscid Compressible Flows abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0105 Numerical Simulation of Transition Effects in Hypersonic Flow around a Double Wedge Using a Correlation- Based Intermittency Model abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0106 Study on Supersonic Flow Covering Various Flow Regimes Past Bicone Using Gas-kinetic Unified Algorithm abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0107 A compact/implicit reconstruction procedure for high-order finite volume method on u nstructured grids abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0115 Impact of specific heat ratio on aerodynamic characteristics of Viking in hypersonic entry to Mars abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0116 Three-dimensional simulation of detonation initiation and propagation in supersonic combustible mixtures abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0117 CFD Predictions of Abrupt Wing Stall at Transition Speeds abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0120 A Universal Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Platform for Aircraft- DIPasda abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0127 Download Control of the Tilt-rotor Aircraft in Hover abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0128 Direct numerical simulation of Taylor-Couette flow with radial heating abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0130 Numerical study of shock-induced collapse of a gas bubble attached to rigid wall abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0136 Comparison Study on Performance of Gas-water and Gas-gas Interfaces under Shock Impact abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0137 Spontaneous Formation of Multiple Detonation Wave Fronts in Rotating Detonation Engine  abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0139 Numerical Investigation on the Restabilization of Rotating Detonation Engines abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0140 Nonlinear evolution of non-Boussinesq thermal convection in two- and three-dimensional differentially heated cavity abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0142 Analysis on Hypersonic Unsteady Aerodynamics and Dynamic Performance of an Lifting Body Hypersonic Vehicle abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0145 Manipulation of Reynolds Stress for Pulsed Jets Flow Control Device over A NACA0015 Airfoil abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0150 Large Eddy Simulation of a Hydrogen-Fueled Scramjet Combustor with Dual Cavity abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0160 A Novel Approach for Solving Navier-Stokes Equations on Complex Geometries abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0161 Active Flow Contol of Flow Separation over Rotor Balde via Synthetic Jet  abstract paper   
ICCFD8-2014-0162 Multiphase Flow Simulation Using the Moment of Fluid Method abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0163 Numerical simulation of particle dispersion using POD based dynamical systems abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0164 Dynamic Adaptive Upwind Method and it's Applications in RANS/LES Hybrid Simulations abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0166 Residual schemes applied to an embedded method expressed on unstructured adapted grids abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0177 Inertia terms for all Mach number Godunov-type schemes:Behavior of unsteady solutions at low Mach number abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0178 A Simplified CFD Model for Steady Transitional Flow in Narrow U-shaped Channels abstract    ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0180 Evaluation of Propeller Inflow Improving Device with Adaptive Grid Refinement Computation abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0185 A 3-D fast algorithm for simulating haemocyte hydrodynamics based on immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method abstract   ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0192 Optimized MP scheme with adaptive dissipation and DNS of Supersonic Turbulent Flows in DLR Scramjet Intake  abstract paper   
ICCFD8-2014-0197 Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow Using Seamless Immersed Boundary Method abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0198 Shock Capturing Analysis of High-Order Schemes through Analytical Solution of the Discrete Schemes and their Equivalent Differential Equations abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0199 Adaptive time stepping and Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Method for Compressible Navier Stokes Equations abstract   ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0200 Application of a Vortex Penalization Method in Solid-Porous-Fluid Media to Passive Flow Control abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0202 Numerical study of energy transport in expanding lighting return stroke channel abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0203 Wing Design via Adjoint-based RANS Aerodynamic Shape Optimization abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0212 Numerical Study of Nearfield Acoustic and Hydrodynamic Pressure Fluctuation  abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0214 Validation of the Structured-Unstructured Hybrid CFD Software HyperFLOW abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0215 High-Order Methods for Turbulence Using Strand Grids abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0216 Derivative Artificial Compression Method of Euler Equations  abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0223 Numerical Simulation of Impinging-Jets Atomization Based on the Coupled Level-Set/Volume-of-Fluid Method abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0226 Convergence Acceleration via Convergence Error Estimation abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0227 Lattice Boltzmann Flux Solver: An Efficient Approach for Simulation of Incompressible Flows abstract   ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0228 A Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Flux Solver for Simulation of 3D Compressible Viscous Flows abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0229 Coupled Multibody-Aerodynamic Simulation of An Aerial Refueling Hose-Drogue with Receiver Aircraft Approaching abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0232 The Application of Lattice Boltzmann Method in Vortex-duced Motion of Cylinder in Cross Flow abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0236 Entry flow computations of shear-thinning and viscoelastic liquids with the LS-STAG immersed boundary method abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0243 Conservative Unified Gas Kinetic Scheme Based on the Integral Solution of Partial Difference Equations abstract paper   
ICCFD8-2014-0247 Improved-Delayed-Detached-Eddy Simulation of CavityInduced Transition in Hypersonic Boundary Layer abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0249 Acceleration Techniques for Adjoint-Based Error Estimation and Mesh Adaptation abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0251 Coupled CFD/RBD Modeling for the Basic Finner Projectile with Control abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0255 A new set of gas-kinetics fluxes and their application in discontinuous Galerkin method for solving Euler and Navier-Stokes equations abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0256 Numerical studies on the sound radiation by the shocklets in the two-dimensional mixing layer  abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0257 Numerical investigations on the sound generation of the transition of the three-dimensional mixing layer abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0258 Numerical Simulation of Complex Flows using the Portable Extensible Toolkits for Scientific Computing (PETSc) abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0268 A Reconstructed Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based on a Gas Kinetic Scheme for Compressible Flows on Arbitrary Grids   abstract  paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0272 Flow Simulations over Porous Media-Comparisons with Experiments abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0273 An Immersed Boundary VOF/LS Method for Body - Water Surface Interaction Simulations abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0284 Vorticity dynamics of self-propelled locomotion of three dimensional travelling wave abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0286 Uncertainty Analysis of Airfoil Wind Tunnel Experiment Using CFD and AD Technique abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0291 Aerodynamics Design and Model for hypersonic Axisymmetric Airbreathing Vehicle abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0292 Study of Numerical Methods About the Unsteady Impinging Process of Stream and Induced Dynamic Load abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0293 Applications of the Data-Excavating Method in Flight Testing Data Analysis abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0294 Numerical simulation of Three-dimensional Free Surface Flows by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0296 Surface-sampled simulations of turbulent flow at high Reynolds number abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0301 Multivel higher-order method for simulation of linear wave propagation abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0308 On the self-propelled flying of a three-dimensional bird with flapping wings abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0309 Modeling and Numerical Simulation on the Formation Processof Pollution Cloud in Chemical Engineering Accident abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0329 Fully-Implicit Approach for Flow/Kinetic Coupled Problems Based on Dynamic Hybrid Mesh abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0335 On the use of Residual-Based Compact high-order numerical dissipation for Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0339 High resolution schemes for level-set method abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0340 A high-order upwind method for gas-particle flow toward the analysis of acoustic waves from a rocket plume including solid particle  abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0343 Summary of China High Credible Aeronautical CFD Workshop abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0344 Drag and drop simulation: from images to full 3D simulations abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0345 Numerical Simulation and Mechanism Analysis of a Slender Delta Wing Undergoing Combined Free-roll and Free-sideslip Motion abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0350  Analysis on the surface behavior of inelastic non-Newtonian liquid jets with different inflow turbulence intensities  abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0351 A dealiasing process for freestream preservation in a high-order conservative FR scheme abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0354 Progress of Virtual Flux Method for Flow Problems in Engineering and Bioengineering Fields abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0355 Numerical Simulation of the unsteady interaction between lateral jets and rudder movement abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0360 A genuinely two-dimensional convective-pressure splitting scheme for Euler equations abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0371 Towards a fully 3D version of the LS-STAG immersed boundary/cut-cell method abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0376 Numerical Investigation of the Airwake on a Simple Frigate Shape (SFS) abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0382 A New Monolithic Homotopy Continuation Algorithm with CFD Applications (Abstract) abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0383 A sharp cartesian method for the simulation of air-water interface abstract paper  ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0384 A New Approach for a Cavitation Erosion Model on Hydrofoils abstract   ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0388 Wall-based Feedba Laminar Boundary Layer Subjek Control of an Compressible Laminar Boundary Layer Subjetedto Free-stream Vortial Disturbanes abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0393 Eulerian Scheme for 3D multimaterials abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0394 Effects of Pannus Formation on the Flow around a Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0396 Detection of Lagrangian coherentstructures in the supersonic turbulent boundary layer abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0398 Simulations of Transonic Flows with Friction and Heat Addition abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0406 Aerodynamic Control via Jet/Inverted Spoilers:A CFD Analysis abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0408 Numerical study of an inverted flag in a uniform flow abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0410 LES and URANS Modelling of Turbulent Natural Convetion Flow Insidea Horizontal Cylindrial Penetration Enlosure abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0413 Numerical Solution of a Maximum-Entropy-Based 14-Moment Closure for Multi-Dimensional Flows abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0417 A Robust and Efficient Unified Model for Continuum and Transition-Regime Flow Prediction abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0418 Vertical and Horizontal Coupling Effect Analysis of Wrap-Around Fins abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0421 Instabilities and Nonlinear Transition of High-speed Shear Flow in Shallow Waters abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0424 An immersed boundary method for coupled mult-physics simulations
ICCFD8-2014-0427 Numerical Modelling and Prediction of the effect of Cooling Drag on the total Vehicle Drag abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0428 Hybrid Navier-Stokes/Vortex Panel Method Applied to Aircrafts abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0429 An Adaptive Viscoelastic Flow Solver with Template Based Mesh Refinement abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0431 Numerical investigation of the performance of a calandria based reactor under varied orientations of injection abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0433 Numerical 3D simulation of the fluid-actuated valvemotion in a positive displacement pump with resolution of the cavitation-induced shock dynamics abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0439 Response surface methodology based optimization on the combination of spike and forward-facing jet abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0442 A study on efficient simulation for incomplessible 3-dimensional turbulence flow using lattice Boltzmann model abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0443 Rarefied Gas Flow Computation Using Semiclassical Boltzmann-ES-BGK Equation abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-0444 A high-order moving-mesh gas-kinetic scheme for three-dimensional flows abstract paper  
ICCFD8-2014-0445 Analysis of different LES models to capture cycle-to-cycle variations in engines abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0454 A compact high-order multidimensional gas-kinetic scheme for inviscid and viscous flow simulations abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0457 An improved normalisation factor for synthetic turbulence generation abstract   ppt
ICCFD8-2014-0460 High-resolution Implicit Roe's Scheme for Fast Computation of Catheter-intervened One-dimensional Vascular Flows abstract paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-1001 History of CFD in Japan      ppt
ICCFD8-2014-1002 History of CFD in Europe   paper  
ICCFD8-2014-1003 History of CFD in China   paper ppt
ICCFD8-2014-1004 History of CFD in India abstract    
ICCFD8-2014-1005 History of CFD in United State      ppt

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